Graham Hughes and his Sunshine Kings certainly brought fun, laughter, and amazing music to Ongar on the night of Friday 18th February, the day of Storm Eunice!

Graham and his band gave us a truly magnificent evening!  The seven-man line-up, led by Graham on trombone, included Peter Rudeforth on trumpet, Colin Good on piano, Duncan Hemstock on clarinet and saxophone, Rupert Gillett on double bass, Laurence Corns on guitar, and Bubu Otis on drums.  Graham also played harmonica and contributed some excellent vocals!  He is a very talented musician and arranger of music, especially of tunes first written by brilliant artists from the 1920’s.

Every one of the Sunshine Kings played superbly and conveyed so well how much they enjoy making music together.  Before leaving the Budworth Hall they said how much they had loved playing for an appreciative audience, one that had turned out in awful weather to hear them – and how it showed!  What a good atmosphere, despite the small audience!  We sang along as invited with some choruses and listened to funny tales and renditions from each musician.  They played such a varied and interesting series of tunes too!  The Sunshine Kings are truly one of the very best jazz bands I’ve ever seen!  People who had turned out in such nasty weather w ere very well rewarded!